Can I cancel my order?

Can I cancel my order?

Veronique De Bodt Veronique De Bodt

Of course, we hope you won't, but in some scenarios you'll might want to cancel your order. Here's how.


In your account on or, you can only view your orders, not cancel them. So, should you want to cancel an order, you'll always have to contact our customer service. You can do so by mail, responding to the order confirmation you received from us. That way, we immediately have your order details. Be sure to add "CANCELLATION" in capital letters to the subject, or to mark your mail as high priority, so we notice it as soon as possible. For orders that contain mix colour paint(s), it's best to call us asap, because once we've custom-made your paint, it's no longer possible to cancel the order. Same goes for orders that already have been shipped. In some cases, however, it might be possible to return your order. Check our return policy to see if yours is elegible. 

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