We're offering several safe payment methods to choose from.


Payment methods:


iDEAL      iDEAL (BE/NL)

iDEAL is an online payment method that enables consumers to pay online through their own bank. In addition to webshops, other organisations that are not part of the e-commerce market also offer iDEAL. iDEAL is increasingly used to pay energy bills, make donations to charities, buy mobile credits, pay local taxes, traffic fines, etc…

source: https://www.ideal.nl/en/ 


PayPal      PayPal (BE/NL)

Millions of people trust PayPal to buy, sell, and send money securely. Choose PayPal at checkout and you can skip entering your card info each time you make a purchase. PayPal Buyer Protection1 helps you shop with confidence. It’s free to open an account and buy something using PayPal.3 Sign up quickly with your name and email address, then add your bank account, debit, or credit card—and you’re ready to start using PayPal online, in our PayPal app, or in person.

source: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/how-paypal-works 


Bancontact      Bancontact (BE/NL)

Want to shop and pay online securely and easily with your smartphone or tablet? Now you can – any time, anywhere using the Payconiq by Bancontact app. Wherever you can pay mobile with Bancontact or Payconiq. Are you shopping and paying on a tablet or smartphone that has the app installed on it? Then choose Bancontact or Payconiq when you check out in the online shop. The Payconiq by Bancontact app will open automatically. Check the amount, confirm your payment and you’re done! Easy as a beep. Are you shopping on your laptop or desktop and want to pay with the Payconiq by Bancontact app installed on your smartphone or tablet? Choose Bancontact or Payconiq when you check out in the online shop and scan the QR code that appears with your Payconiq by Bancontact app, confirm your payment and you’ve beeped successfully! 

source: https://www.payconiq.be/en/private/pay-online 


Bank transfer      Bank transfer (BE/NL)

After confirming your order, you'll receive an order confirmation and an invoice which you can use to transfer your payment. Our KBC bank account number is IBAN BE35 7360 1316 0237 and our BIC number is BIC KREDBEBB. Don't forget to add your order number (ORDBE... / ORDNL...) in the details! 


Visa      Visa (BE/NL)

Whatever you’re paying for, and wherever you’re paying - locally, online or abroad - paying with Visa means you’re paying securely and always have protection.

There are many convenient ways to use your Visa card, and however you choose to pay, you'll always get the same level of protection. Save your card details for your favourite websites or add them safely and instantly to your phone. Whether you're paying for monthly entertainment subscriptions, or paying with contactless while you’re out and about, you’re always safe and secure.

When you pay with Visa your details are protected. You could get your money back if things go wrong, and have peace of mind if a purchase doesn’t measure up, the seller won't refund you, or a scam leaves you out of pocket.

source: https://www.visa.co.uk/how-you-pay-matters.html 


Visa      Mastercard (BE/NL)

Whether you pay online, in-store, by card or smartphone, Mastercard offers you security and protection
We have sophisticated tools that check for, detect and combat fraud at every step of the buying process, even before you make your purchase. Our experts are continuously developing and refining our technology to stay ahead of scammers. Mastercard identifies your smartphone as your own, so no one else can make purchases using your mobile data.

source: https://www.mastercard.be/nl-be/mastercard-voor-u/advies-hulp/veiligheid.html


Visa      Maestro (BE)

Maestro is a card that's connected to your bank account. Therefore, purchases made with Maestro are directly debited from your bank account. It makes it easy to control your day to day spendings. 


Klarna Pay Later      Klarna Pay Later (BE/NL)

‘Klarna Pay Later’ allows you - as the name suggests - to pay for your order afterwards. As soon as your order has been shipped, Klarna sends you the invoice. You'll handle the actual payment with them. When you first order using Klarna Pay Later, you'll have to create a Klarna account, where you'll need to fill out your name, billing address, date of birth, phone number and e-mail address. After completing the order, Klarna will send you an e-mail with their payment request. The amount due for the order is added to the total amount due in your Klarna account. You can then pay later using your preferred payment method, through the Klarna app or via the online Klarna customer platform.


Belfius      Belfius (BE)

Belfius is a popular Belgian bank with its very own pay button. Payments made using the Belfius Pay Button are guaranteed and cannot be refunded. Moreover, it is a direct payment method with real time feedback. Everyone with a Belfius bank account is able to use the pay button, this applies to orders made via desktop as well as mobile orders with the Belfius Mobile App.

source: https://www.buckaroo.eu/solutions/payment-methods/belfius 


KBC      KBC betaalknop (BE)

The KBC/CBC bank is one of the largest banks in Belgium. With the KBC pay button, they offer an online payment method with which you can let your Belgian customers pay through their own bank account, also by using their mobile phone. The payment is made realtime, or directly, in the customer’s online banking environment. Approximately 20% of the online payments in Belgium is made with this payment method. What makes KBC different from other popular Belgian payment methods Belfius or Bancontact? During checkout, postpayment is offered. The payment risk is covered by the bank. You as a merchant are paid directly.

source: https://www.buckaroo.eu/solutions/payment-methods/kbc 


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