I'm missing a product or parcel(s). What do I do?

I'm missing a product or parcel(s). What do I do?

Veronique De Bodt Veronique De Bodt

Yay, your order has arrived! But... You notice there's a product or a parcel missing. What should you do? 

Missing parcel(s)

It's easy to find out whether or not you've received all your parcels. Just look at the stickers we put on our boxes:


They say this is parcel X from X parcels (pakket X van X) and indicate whether your order was complete when we shipped it or if this is only part of your delivery.

If the order was indicated to be shipped completely and you're still missing one or more parcels, they'll pobably arrive in the days to follow. If they don't, it's best you contact us so we can look into it. 

Missing product(s)

If you've received all parcels but are still missing one or more products, we ask you to review your order confirmation. If the product's listed there and you haven't heard from us, then we probably forgot to add it. In that case, also contact us, so we can set things straight. 

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