What are RAL colours?

What are RAL colours?

Veronique De Bodt Veronique De Bodt

RAL is a colour matching system used to determine (paint) colours. It was created in 1927 in Germany and has been used as a colour standard ever since. Every particular RAL colour number has a unique colour name that is translated into 6 languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch).

There are four different RAL colour standards: RAL Classic, Design, Effect and Plastics. For determining paint colours, we use the RAL Classic colour standard. Each RAL code consists of the designation RAL, followed by four digits.


Here's an example: the code RAL 3017 stands for the colour Rose

RAL 3017 Bleekrood / Rose / Rosé / Rosé / Rosato / Rosa


Click here for an overview of all the RAL colours we can make for you or have a look at our RAL colour charts.

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