What if I’m not satisfied or if I ordered too much?

Of course we hope that the products you received please you, but alas... sometimes things can go wrong and you may want to return your order. Or, maybe you were a little too enthusiastic while ordering and you ordered way too much (non-coloured) paint... That can happen too, of course! But don't be alarmed: you can return certain items within the period of the right of withdrawal. In this article, we will give you more insight into your rights to return products. 

If you wish to return a product, please make sure to fill in and submit a return request first, using this form, or contact us at info@deverfwebshop.be or info@deverfwebshop.nl

Depending on the cause of return, we will either send you a return label or ask you to return the order to us yourself. Find out more on whether or not the return costs are at our of your expense here. 

Returning your parcel

It is of big importance that you wrap your return parcel well since most of the products we sell are paint containers … and parcel deliverers prefer not being covered in paint! ;) Please note that we won't refund articles that have been damaged too much, so ensuring that your return is well packaged is crucial! Ideally, you should reuse the packaging your products arrived in. If you already disposed of the original packaging, please make sure to follow these instructions: 

  • Have you already opened the paint can? If so, reseal the edges of the paint tin or container with packaging tape or duct tape.
  • Make sure there is enough padding so that your product(s) won't move around during transport. Old newspaper pages, for example, are good for stuffing your parcel.
  • Choose a sturdy box that can carry the weight of the paint can(s) and make sure that you tape it shut very well.

Don't forget to put in a note with your name and order number too, so that when we receive your return, we know to whom it belongs. If you want to simplify the returning process even more, you can also add any e-mail sent concerning the return to the box. 

If you are in charge of returning the product(s), please put the following address on your parcel:

in Belgium:

Zavelstraat 7
9190 Stekene (BE)

in the Netherlands: 
Postbus 357
4560 AJ Hulst (NL)

Watch this video (in Dutch) to find out what products you can return and how to return them : 


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