I've paid for my order. Why do I still get reminders?

I've paid for my order. Why do I still get reminders?

Veronique De Bodt Veronique De Bodt

It's very well possible that (you think) you've paid for your order and then still receive payment reminders from us. There are a couple of reasons why that might happen:

You paid online (and something went wrong)

Sometimes something goes wrong during the payment process, e.g there's a time-out or a connection issue, which makes you think you've paid for your order when in reality you haven't. 

If that's the case, and you're not completely sure whether the payment went through, it's best to check your bank account to see if the payment went out. If it did, then it's probably still on its way to us. You don't have to take any further action and you can delete the reminder. As soon as we receive your payment, we'll process and ship your order. If you notice the payment didn't go out, you'll have to make a new payment. Contact us if you need help

You paid by bank transfer

If you opted to pay by bank transfer, it's fairly common to receive a reminder from us, as they usually go out before the bank transfers the money. That might take up to three business days! If that happens, you can also just ignore the reminder and we'll send you your order as soon as your payment arrives. 

In any other case

If the above doesn't apply and you still receive reminders (when you shouldn't), or in case you have any doubts regarding your payment, it's best to contact us. 


You could get up to three reminders from us. If you haven't paid after the last reminder has been sent, we assume we can cancel your order. To prevent this, best call us if you're having payment issues. 

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