To be able to pay your order afterwards, select 'Klarna Pay Later' as your payment method during the checkout.


Klarna Pay Later      Klarna Pay Later

‘Klarna Pay Later’ allows you - as the name suggests - to pay for your order afterwards. As soon as your order has been shipped, Klarna sends you the invoice. You'll handle the actual payment with them. When you first order using Klarna Pay Later, you'll have to create a Klarna account, where you'll need to fill out your name, billing address, date of birth, phone number and e-mail address. After completing the order, Klarna will send you an e-mail with their payment request. The amount due for the order is added to the total amount due in your Klarna account. You can then pay later using your preferred payment method, through the Klarna app or via the online Klarna customer platform. 

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