Which delivery service do you use?

Which delivery service do you use?

Lisa Roels Lisa Roels

We mainly work with Bpost, but occasionally also ship orders with other delivery services:



Most of our packages are handled by Bpost. During check-out, you can select one of the following options:

  • delivery at home or at work
  • delivery at a pick-up point


When your order is to be delivered in Belgium, Bpost will handle the delivery from start to finish. When you're having it delivered outside of Belgium, other delivery services will assist.



Is your delivery address in The Netherlands or somewhere else outside of Belgium? Then, in most cases, Bpost will transfer your package(s) to DHL or DPD at the border.



For larger orders, for example, pallets or 25 L cans, we ship with GLS.



Always contact us if you have any special requests for your delivery, or questions. 



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