What is NCS?

What is NCS?

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NCS = Natural Colour System

NCS describes the colour of any material. It uses numerical codes - NCS codes, e.g. S 1080-Y70R - to accurately describe a colour. NCS defines 1950 standardised colours.

NCS colour codes are composed of three values:

  • the amount of blackness, which determines the intensity
  • the amount of chromaticness
  • and a percentage that situates the colour between two elementary colours: yellow and red, red and blue, blue and green or green and yellow. This determines the tone.

An example: S 1070-Y10R

NCS code S 1070-Y10R describes a standardised colour (S) that's situated between yellow (Y) and red (R) with:

  • 10% perceived red (and therefore 90% perceived yellow)
  • 10% blackness
  • 70% chromaticness

So, this is a strong, warm yellow colour.

How to find the perfect NCS colour

You can use the handy tool below to navigate through the NCS colour spectrum. Underneath the selected colour, you'll see its composition.



Another, really easy way to pick the perfect NCS colour, is through a colour fan, which you'll obviously find at deverfwebshop. You can either purchase one or rent one. 


RENT Colour System NCS C21.3 
Colour System C21.3 - NCS +RAL

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